Carole’s garden, Glennifer


A large rural residential block in Glennifer

From 1pm until 4pm

Leela O'Calloghan / or phone 0417 536 490

We are on a large rural residential block, with a ten year old, largish, and mainly covered, organic home vegie garden, with surrounding orchard areas. The vegie garden is vaguely ordered, but without defined beds, and plantings are ad hoc rather than being strictly rotational. We make the most of any self-sown plants, and save seeds to raise our own seedlings when we can, but also buy seeds and seedlings. We make compost fairly regularly, mainly from materials from onsite.

As for a favourite part of the garden, perhaps it’s the pineapple patch stretching along the front of the house, because it’s low maintenance, very productive, and a bit different from a conventional house garden bed.

Our latest project has been further fortifying the vegie gardens, and some fruit, against our various lovely, but naughty, wildlife neighbours. Now that the honeymoon period is over they are discovering a whole lot of foods that they didn’t realise were so delicious!!

Notes to potential visitors:

Numbers are strictly limited to 24 people max. First in, best dressed.
We are car pooling from nearby as the parking at Carole's is very limited. If you are coming with a 4wd or high-clearance vehicle please be prepared to transport extra people for us. "Our drive is a bush track, with drainage humps, which low-slung vehicles can usually negotiate very slowly, but MAY scrape a bit. All-wheel drive vehicles are fine in any weather, but if it turns out to be a very wet period, it would be tricky for regular vehicles. The turning space is at the end of the drive, which is at the house."

The garden walking access may not be suitable for everyone:
"Re slopes and goat tracks: from the house (at end of the drive), it’s pretty straight forward to explore the garden, but slightly slopey to go further, around orchards. Not much distance involved, and it’s all on grass tracks, but ease of getting around would depend on the weather. The grass, and even some of the tracks in the garden can get a little slippery when it has been very wet."





There are 9 places available.

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