Debbie’s Garden in Brierfield


An impressive young garden in the forest

From 9.30 until noon

Leela O'Callaghan / or phone 0417 536 490


Morning Tea at “Nemoral” Brierfield

This month’s Seed Saver garden visit is to new member Debbie Kent’s property just outside Bellingen. Debbie and her partner Greg are relatively new to the area having moved from Sydney to Brierfield just over 4 years ago after building their “forever home”. The property and home are called “Nemoral” which means living in or amongst a forest. The home is surrounded by 6 hectares of tall eucalyptus forest which, given the current bushfire regulations, means a number of restrictions on what you can build and how you manage the site. But living in a forest is what they wanted and they were prepared to go the extra yards associated with their choice. So, if you have ever wondered what it would be like to live within a forest you are welcome to come and enjoy morning tea at Nemoral on Sunday 22nd April. Starting at 9:30am and finishing at noon the visit will begin with a brief overview of the gardens followed by questions over morning tea. We will then have a relaxed stroll around the area - viewing vegetable patch, orchards and the extensive terraces of native plants - which has been described as 'eye popping'.

There are 32 places available.

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