Garden Visit to Leela’s in Dorrigo


our christmas gathering

From 3pm until 6pm

Leela O'Callaghan / or phone 0417 536 490

Hi all,

it's been a couple of years since some of you last saw my 'toy farm'; I have been busy experimenting and shaping my adventure garden and food forest. Having had some successes with grafting, I have planted new fruit avenues and optimistically snuck a few tropicals into the shrubbery ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am also now experimenting with colonising the rafters in my conservatory; always keen to utilize a discovered microclimate! Some other projects are having greater and lesser successes, but still enjoying the challenge and experience of it all.

Whilst the summer weather is heating up for you all, come and enjoy the relative cool with me up here in the mountains. Bring a christmassy plate to share for this late afternoon gathering.


There are 42 places available.

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