Nick’s garden in Repton


Food forest and rainforest regeneration

From 10:00am until 1:00pm

Leela O'Callaghan / or phone 0417 536 490

Nick has been designing permaculture gardens and water flow management for many years. Living in leafy Repton, he has been crafting his own integrated garden experience.
Nick says:

This garden has some small annual beds, a food forest of about 500 square metres and an acre of rainforest planting & regeneration. Seedsavers made a visit here two years ago and saw some recently installed water conservation measures. These measures are now working well. They include greywater diversion to vegies, blackwater integrated into food forest, swales, tank overflow spreader pipes and summer shade for annual vegies. The food forest is now better shaded, sheet mulched and has a variety of edible ground covers.      

There are 47 places available.

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