Seed Labelling at John and Carol’s


Seed Labelling at John and Carol's & quick shared lunch

From 12.30pm until 2:00pm

Jeff Alcott /

The seeds have been prepared and packed into bags, now they need to be put into packets and labelled. Jeff has been super-busy preparing labels for us. All we need to do is turn up spend an hour or so putting bagged seeds into packets and sticking labels on.

Bring a snack plate for this event. The plan is to have a quick eat and then a short 'many hands light work' labelling session of about an hour - hour and a half. We have around 300 packets to label. It will go quickly.

Bellingen Seed Savers presents seeds and plants at a stall at the Bellingen Spring Plant Fair! Saturday September 8.

There are 27 places available.

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